HIM means Himalayas and NIL stands for Nilgiris. The mountains of our North and South India respectively.

HIMNIL - We have specifically picked up this name to represent our brand and our products.

Himalayan region has diverse climate condition due to which it is home to many uncommon Endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna. The eastern Himalayan region is referred as “Cradle of flowering plants”, and has more than 400 species of medicinal plants.

Nilgiris Hills got his name as Blue Mountains for the bluish hue in their fine natural setting as it is covered by blue flowers. In addition to tea and world best spices, It is also the breeding ground of a lot of herbs which can be used to enhance beauty and health and can cure a lot of ailments. Most of the world now acknowledged the power of ‘Yoga’ and ‘Ayurveda’ which was the base of Indian Healing system. So “Being Natural and Being with Nature” has always been part of our DNA.

At HIMNIL, the science of our products is inspired by the ancient gyan by P. Nighantu. Some of the preparations are used as such and few are modified as per the modern day requirements.